Hi, I’m Jeremy Jessup.  My professional artwork experience includes Architectural Rendering, Graphic Design, Photo Editing and Retouching, 3D Modeling, and Video Production.

The architectural work I have done includes everything from creating rendered and animated 3D models of structures, to manipulating images in Photoshop to illustrate different landscaping options.  Over the years I have created visualizations of apartment complexes, custom homes, mall kiosks, and industrial buildings.

I have also  experience working with industrial product designs, prototype renderings, and a wide assortment of custom models (furniture, fixtures, characters, and custom models for 3D printing).

For the last 5 years I worked as a Graphic Artist.  My primary tools were Adobe Illustrator, with which I created logos, signs, vehicle decals, and I worked in Adobe Photoshop to retouch photos, composite images, and restore deteriorated photos.  I have a wide range of tools, artistic capabilities, and creative problem solving skills which I bring to the table.

Jeremy C. Jessup

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Architectural Visualization

My architectural visualization work includes images I have made as a freelance artist, as well as projects created while working as a team member with Digital-X.  These images represent work with 3D modeling and rendering, as well as compositing of 2D elements in a couple of the images.  Most of the modeling work was done with 3DS Max and V-ray.

3D Modeling

Most of these models were made and are available for sale on Turbosquid.com.  If you would like to see more images or want to purchase a model, please take a look here;banner-full-artist